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April 6-7, 2019

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center
Broken Arrow, OK

We’re Sorry! Registration Has Closed.

Registration Closes March 24, 2019

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Tournament Outline

  • April 6 – 7, 2019 (see schedule for times)
  • Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center, Broken Arrow, OK (map)
  • Registration Fee: $55
  • Rules: World Riichi Championship
  • Pairing: Random pairing for 1st hanchan with all subsequent hanchan managed round robin with an effort to minimize playing the same person twice.
  • Format: 6 hanchan playoff, 90 minutes each.
  • 2 hanchan final round for top 4 players with all points zeroed.
  • Side event will be held for remaining players.


  • Players should be familiar with all valid scoring combinations.
  • Players should be familiar with hand scoring and should be able to value their own hand efficiently. Scoring tables will be provided for reference.
  • No aids, racks, devices with headphones, or other foreign objects beyond pen and paper for recording scores will be permitted at the table unless medically necessary.
  • Talking during a game must be kept game related calls or relevant discussion. Casual conversation should be reserved for breaks so as not to disrupt other players. Persistent disruptions may incur a penalty from the referee.


  • Do not look at tiles that have not been revealed through a legal game action.
  • Accurate point counts should be given whenever a count is requested at the table.
  • Game play should proceed as quickly as you are able. Intentionally slowing a game may be met with penalties or disqualification.
  • Upon completing your own hanchan, please leave the game room quietly – no spectating or commenting on another game.

Events (optional)

Saturday—Kart racing at Xtreme Racing & Entertainment!

After play ends on Saturday we invite you to join us for high-speed Grand Prix kart racing! Admission is $52 and can be pre-paid with your registration—simply indicate it in the section provided in the registration form. (Must be 18 or older to sign event release waiver without a parent/guardian.)

Sunday—Finals Side Event

Anyone not making the finalist cut after the 6th hanchan, you’re welcome to hang around and join in a side event while finalists play out the last couple rounds. Format for the side event has not been confirmed just yet, but we’ll update when we finish it up!


Saturday, April 6

8:00 am – Registration
8:30 am – Opening Announcements
8:45 am – 1st Hanchan
10:15 am – Break (15 Min)
10:30 am – 2nd Hanchan
12:00 pm – Lunch Break (2 hr)
2:00 pm – 3rd Hanchan
3:30 pm – Break (15 Min)
3:45 pm – 4th Hanchan
5:15 pm – End of Day
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Xtreme Racing!

Sunday, April 7

8:00 am – Doors Open
8:15 am – Announcements
8:30 am – 5th Hanchan
10:00 am – Break (15 Min)
10:15 am – 6th Hanchan
11:45 am – Lunch Break (2 hr)
1:45 pm – 7th Hanchan
3:15 pm – Break (15 Min)
3:30 pm – 8th Hanchan
5:00 pm – Closing Ceremonies
5:30 pm – End of Day


Please note that due to restrictions placed by the venue we will not be able to host lunch during the event. A 2-hour break has been provided so lunch can be taken off-site. We’ll do our best to put out-of-town players with locals who can offer a ride.

Travel & Accomodations

Stoney Creek Hotel & Convention Center is a short ride from Tulsa International Airport. The hotel has offered a limited block of rooms on site at a rate of $109+tax per night. You can book online at or call the front desk at 918-416-8100 (press 3 for the desk.)

  • Location: Broken Arrow
  • Group Code: 192622

Other accommodations are available in the immediate area.


Cancellation of confirmed registration must be submitted by March 24th, 2019 by replying to your confirmation email. No registration fee refunds will be processed after March 24th.

Register Here!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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